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We asked three beauty Instagram influencers to test our new Lifeology bath and body range, designed to uplift your senses. The results? Relaxation and rebalancing, no filter needed

Orange Flower & Vanilla tested by Chloe Jackson, new mum to five-month-old Elodie

“Since becoming a mum, ‘me time’ has never been so precious. My baby-free hour in the evenings begins with a fast sprint to the bathroom, where I turn up the radio and have a relaxing soak with the Fragrance Burst Bath Foam. Post bath, I slather my skin with the 2-in-1 Body Lotion which sinks in quickly, locks in moisture and preps my mind to get as much rest as possible in the potentially sleepless night ahead. I’m especially loving the calming scent of the Orange Flower & Vanilla collection, which lingers long enough to mask the less-appealing scent of baby poop. Bliss.”

Most likely to recommend:
“I’ll be telling all my new mum friends about the Concentrated Hand Cream, which is the perfect size to add to my bulging baby bag.”

Shop Orange Flower & Vanilla range

Waterlily & Pink Pepper tested by Ashling McCloy, beauty junkie and editor

“For me, the thrill of a new beauty product is both exciting and alluring. Glowing skin? Yes, please. The Waterlily & Pink Pepper collection does not disappoint – fresh, yet luxurious, giving your bathroom that hint of hotel decadence. The rich Quick Dry Body Butter is the ultimate indulgence, while the Body Lotion is light and perfect for post-shower work mornings. I went to town with the Burst Bath Foam creating an abundance of bubbles, not to mention 10 minutes of peace to actually read my book. The mini Concentrated Hand Cream and Soothing Lip Balm are welcome additions to my already overcrowded bathroom cabinets.”

Most likely to recommend:
“The Fragrance Burst Hand Wash for that instant hit of freshness – but given my product hoarding, I’d go for the whole collection.”

Shop Waterlily & Pink Pepper range

Lemongrass & Thyme tested by Fatima Truscott, working mum

“Being a working parent means I’m always switched on. If it’s not house chores or homework, I’m rolling work ideas around in my head. I like to use my morning beauty regime to double up as a way to boost my senses. The invigorating Fragrance Burst Body Wash with lemongrass and thyme is ideal to wake up my sleepy head as I cleanse. It’s simple things, I’ve found, like a mini-hand massage with the Concentrated Hand Cream or a dab of Soothing Lip Balm before a meeting or while waiting for the train, which are great ways to create a window to seize the moment – and breathe.”

Most likely to recommend:
“The Quick Dry Body Butter because it hydrates instantly and sinks in fast, plus the zesty scent kickstarts my hectic day.”

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Editor: Sam Dean

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