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Model using Natura Siberica Black Cleansing Butter




Photographer: Christine Kreiselmaier

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Acting beauty editor


Introducing the new Natura Siberica Black Cleansing Butter, a luxurious blend created for dry and sensitive skin

Looking for an organic cleanser to remove all your make-up effortlessly? Make room for this tub on your bathroom shelf. Scoop out the uber-creamy butter and smooth over the face – the consistency will remind you of chocolate sauce, but the smell is more herby than sweet. The cream quickly turns into a silky milk as it is massaged into the skin. Daily grime and make-up, including mascara, melt away thanks to the rich mix of natural ingredients: charcoal absorbs impurities and cleans pores (and gives the cleanser its dramatic colour), while organic oils quench dehydrated skin. A quick splash of cool water and your face is left comfortably clean, but not greasy or oily. We love it, naturally.
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“Make-up and daily grime MELT
away thanks to the rich blend
of natural ingredients”