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Close up of man wearing blue waterproof boots




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Step, or rather stomp, this way in these brilliant boots built for the season ahead

Winter. Great for layering up your look or relaxing in luxurious loungewear. What it’s not so good for is giving your shoes a break. Always on the frontline of inclement weather, they go through the ringer once the wind and rain come in. So, you need something sturdy that isn’t going to crumble like a sodden cardboard box left out for recycling. Enter these boots. They’re fully waterproof – hallelujah! – so they’ll be brilliant on winter walks, whether that’s puddle dodging in town or kicking through the leaves in the woods. But unlike most comfortable boots with such a high spec, these don’t half look good too, meaning the compromise between form and function is a thing of the past.
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“Waterproof. TOUGH. Comfortable.
Winter? What winter?”