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As she prepares to launch her second collection with M&S, childrenswear designer Princess Marie-Chantal gives the lowdown on the range

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Jewel in the crown

Princess Marie-Chantal’s second collection for M&S is perfect for the new season with beautiful woven fabrics and sweet pastel shades


“When I was approached for this collaboration, I couldn’t have thought of a better partner,” says Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. “When I was living in Hong Kong as a young girl, I would come to England once a year and we’d do these big shops. M&S was a definite stop so it’s always been in my DNA.”

When it comes to her eponymous label, Princess Marie-Chantal is inspired by her own family. “I have five children – the eldest is 20, the youngest is eight – so I always go back to how I used to dress them, or I go back to my own childhood and think of those beautiful nostalgic memories. I think parents do that; they love to remember their own childhood.” Her brand is known for its luxe fabrics and heritage style, something the designer was keen to replicate with this new collaboration. “I look at the trends – I love checks and soft, natural fabrics like merino. I am very specific about what I bring to my own collection, so I wanted to be sure we were able to create the same for M&S.”

The new collection (ranging from baby to five years) features a stylish palette of soft sorbets and dreamy blues. Stand out pieces include the adorable boys’ chino shorts and braces and delicate smock dresses for girls. “I am so thrilled to introduce my second collection with M&S. I feel together we have created a beautiful range of boys’ and girls’ summer essentials partnering clean, crisp, fresh fabrics with the use of happy colours for a collection that captures the essence of what this season is to me.” But as well as her line being stylish, Princess Marie-Chantal is conscious that it works for kids and their parents. “It’s so much about the feel, the touch and whether the child is comfortable in it,” she says. “It’s also 100 per cent machine washable – often when parents see something that’s precious, they think it’s difficult to care for.” Thankfully, this range has the best of everything and, as the designer herself says, “It’s playful, it’s everyday, it’s special, it’s a little bit dressy, it’s casual but with a beautiful twist.”


“I wanted to come up with a line that evokes what my brand is about, which is the nostalgia of children and beautifully crafted design.”
“Kids today are so aware of what they need to look like so they don’t want to feel funny in any way.”
“We spoke about coming up with something that was playful, fun, fresh; something that children would love to wear.”
“I love the clean, crisp, fresh fabrics for spring.”
“We took our best designs and worked together to give them the M-C touch.”
“We’ve taken everything my brand represents and created something very special.”
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Photographer: Ulla Nyeman / Interviewer: Charlotte Duck

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