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Actor Larry Lamb and TV presenter George Lamb




Photographer: David Gubert

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Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Actor Larry Lamb and presenter son George reveal how they ensure being stylish runs in the family


George: “Being tall and slim I was always having to get things in an XL but as I was skinny it didn’t really work. So when I discovered tailoring I loved it because all of a sudden I thought, “What? I can have this to fit me perfectly? That’s amazing.” As far as Dad goes, actors are notoriously bad dressers because they wear other people’s clothes all the time. Luckily he’s a very handsome man and I think he used to get away with a lot. He definitely looks better in a relaxed, looser fitting cut.”

Larry: “As an actor, you don’t bother because when you go to work you put the clothes on you’re given. I had things in my wardrobe it wasn’t worth buying mothballs for! But when George started getting involved in fashion, my wardrobe was suddenly full of clothes rather than full of clutter. One of my favourite linen jackets was approved by George.”
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