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If there’s one star’s fabulous factor we wish we could bottle, it’s Hollywood legend Joan Collins’. Thankfully, her beauty range, now available at M&S, does exactly that – here, she reveals the secrets of her camera-ready look

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The beauty queen has spoken

Get to know the real Joan with this cheeky quick-fire question and answer session you won’t want to miss



Dame Joan Collins may be one of the most photographed faces in the world, but the British showbiz legend also knows the power of disguise. Case in point? “I love shopping in M&S, but I go early in the morning so I don’t get recognised,” explains the star. “And never without my head scarf or baseball cap on.”

It’s fitting, then, that Joan is bringing her own brand – Timeless Beauty – to the same much-loved M&S counters she shops at. A treasure trove of luxurious skin care, make-up and fragrances, Joan’s passion for beauty runs through everything – from naming each lipstick shade after her colourful on-screen heroines to the extravagant 288 dazzling crystals encrusted on her Crystal Mirror Compact.

In the flesh, the glamorous icon is an amazing advert for her products – at 83 she could easily pass for 20 years younger. Her age-defying secret? “I’ve kept my face out of the sun,” reveals the superstar. “When I was 21 and new to Hollywood, my face was the colour of this table – mahogany,” Joan recalls.

“Then a friend pointed out how wrinkled the women around us looked and said: ‘Do you want to look like that?’ I said no and she said: ‘Then keep your face out of the sun’. I’m lucky because I was born with a lot of energy, but exercise and a balanced diet help – there’s no reason why you can’t look great throughout all stages of your life.”

Always a maverick, Joan earned her beauty credentials by insisting on doing her own make-up for TV, films and photoshoots. “I learned from the best – Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist,” she reveals. “I like defined eyes and a bright lip plus contoured cheekbones. I put it on in a strong northern light, because if you look good in that, you’ll look good in anything,” she adds, with her trademark devilish laugh.

And which product is she never seen without? “Lipstick. It truly is the queen of cosmetics and will always make you look and feel fabulous,” she says, pursing her glossy lips together in a seal of approval. And if anyone knows the fast-track to fabulous, it’s the star herself.


“I believe that a good bright lipstick gives you confidence. When you see someone wearing red lipstick they have an aura of pride about them.”
“You can’t stop getting older but you can stop getting old. I exercise three times a week, eat a balanced diet and take vitamins C, E and omega oils.”
“I loved the 80s look. It was extremely flattering. The padded shoulders and cinched waist gave women a sexy, confident look and big hair framed the face.”
With a stylish Art Deco design, Joan’s products ooze Hollywood wow factor – whether they’re on your dressing table or in your handbag.
“Before big events I get a bowl of ice and water and put cotton pads in it. Then I place them over my eyes and lie down for five minutes to reduce puffiness.”
“Beauty starts with your skin – even some of my make-up is enriched with powerful ingredients that are actually beneficial for your skin.”
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Interviewer: Emma Robertson / Photographer: Brian Aris

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