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Ripe redgage plums in a burlap sack




Photography: Katie Hammond

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When is a plum not a plum? When it’s a redgage, of course. And the only place you can find this plump maroon variety is in the M&S food hall, says food & wine editor Emma Sleight

Greengages – developed from wild green plums and brought over from France by the Gage family in the 1800s – might be commonplace in your fruit bowl, but this summer there’s a new fruit on the block: redgages. Growers have a long history of breeding antioxidant-packed plums to create new varieties and even the very first cultivated plums are thought to have been a cross between cherries and sloes. Redgages are a brand new, exclusive M&S trademark and are grown on a family-run farm in the mineral-rich soils of the Middle East. Tart, crisp and deep ruby-pink in colour, they make a great dessert fruit – simply remove their stones and poach in water and sugar with a cinnamon stick and split vanilla pod for a fuss-free summer pudding.
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