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It’s the ultimate summer fabric, but this season linen has a new look. Here’s how some of our favourite folk are wearing it

Caryn Franklin,
fashion and identity commentator

“I love comfy clothes that I can throw on but are still a flattering shape on the body. Sustainability is important to me, so I look for good-quality fabrics that will last a long time without losing their lustre.

“I don’t believe in ‘age-appropriate’ dressing; it’s about finding clothes that suit your body shape and personality. There’s plenty of evidence to show that what we wear can affect how we think and feel, so it follows that if you’re wearing something you feel good in, you’ll project more confidence.”

Linen this way

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A jumpsuit is the ultimate go-to piece
Every wardrobe requires a jean jacket
Linen trousers are ideal for warmer weather
A stylish option for run-around days

Stuart Derbyshire-Cooke,
psychotherapist, and
Ben Derbyshire-Cooke,
hair stylist

Stuart: “I really like this jacket – it reminds me of the checked suit I wore to our registry office wedding. You could also put a white or pale blue shirt underneath it.

“Being a similar height, we share a lot of clothes, but I’ve got a wardrobe and Ben’s got a room! I’m a really simple dresser and I live in blue or grey – because of my job, I’m generally smarter and classic.”

Ben: “Linen has just got that summer feel to it. Tailored linen is lovely. When it’s got a bit more structure to it, it can look really cool. I really like the shirt Stuart’s wearing – I’m into something that’s a little bolder.”

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Lightweight, lined and luxurious
Bold stripes are a holiday favourite
Breezy pure linen in a sharp slim fit
Classic crisp chinos with a linen twist

Yihui Wang, model

“I love linen for a lightweight summer look. This blazer is a great way to wear tailoring when the weather gets warmer. As a model, I'm often rushing between castings, so I can’t have anything heavy or uncomfortable. This would be great for summer evenings on holiday, too!"

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A blazer is a timeless investment
Take your pick from eight colours
This jacket looks great with jeans
Take a walk on the wide side

Larry Lamb, actor,
and George Lamb,
TV presenter

Larry: “In the past I’ve had things in my wardrobe it wasn’t worth buying mothballs for! But I love linen – one of my favourite jackets, approved by George, is in linen. There’s just something about how you don’t have to worry about how it sits – if it’s creased, it’s creased, it’s linen. It breathes and it’s got a really lovely feel to it.”

George: “This suit is a testament to how far off the peg tailoring has come – the cloth and fit are great. I’m a bit of a suit snob and that’s a good suit right there. The crease resistance is a massive upside because, let’s face it, linen is trickier to maintain, so the more that can be done to make it easier to transport and look after, the better.

“We went to Turkey last year and our wardrobes were 75 per cent linen – it was perfect in the heat, as it looked smart but not roasting.”

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Linen, in an unexpected modern shape
Buttonsafe tech keeps buttons attached
A double-breasted jacket is super suave
Linen Miracle fabric resists creases

George Alsford, model

“I wear a lot of linen in summer – it’s a very expensive look and you’ve got to be confident to wear it. It’s a classic gents’ statement and ‘old Hollywood actor on a yacht’ style. It’s very gentlemanly if done the right way. I’ve got a full pink linen suit that I bring out on special occasions and I think if you wear an undone linen shirt with a fitted blazer with off-white trousers, it’s a strong look – you’ve got to be confident to wear such attire! It’s bold but at the same time pretty classic. With a linen shirt, if it’s oversized, just undo it and roll up the sleeves. And you don’t have to iron it, either – just hang it up in the shower!”

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Pure linen, pure white, pure classic
Easy-iron linen gets a formal update
A punchy check is a versatile choice
Easy-on styles are great for the beach

Editors: Sophie Hines, Ian Wright / Photographer: David Gubert / Stylists: Chloe Forde, Kenny Ho, Louise Carmel Hall
Hair stylist: Ben Cooke / Make-up artist: Karina Constantine

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