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Salmon fillets on a BBQ smoker




Photographer: Carolyn Barber

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Bring show-stopping flavour to meat, fish or veg with this easy-to-use smoker

Whether it brings back memories of campfires in the countryside or family barbecues, there’s something extra-special about food that’s been cooked outdoors. For the ultimate flavour, it’s best to use a smoker. This simple-to-use stainless-steel option is perfect for giving fish, meat or veg a delicious, smokey depth of flavour that you wouldn’t get by barbecuing alone. And with Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s an ideal gift for food-loving dads. Simply add wood chips to the base (soak them for a short time first), preheat the box on a barbecue, then add your food, cover with the lid and set back on the barbecue until cooked. A sure-fire way to impress guests and make the most of outdoor meals this summer.
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“Just add WOOD CHIPS from our
selection and you’ll have everything
you need to start smoking”