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Bridget is back! With the release of the new film, Bridget Jones’s Baby, we take a journey through her past style blunders. We’ve all been there, but here’s how to avoid making the same faux pas again


All by yourself? No bother

We all know the opening scene of the original blockbuster: Bridget Jones, home alone in her novelty fleece pyjamas, with Eric Carmen’s ‘All by Myself’ on full volume and a very large glass of red wine for company.

It’s depicted as a sad scenario (and entertainment gold), but there’s an easy way to flip that scene on its head. The answer: fine wine and fancy pyjamas. Cue our top-rated Cupcake chardonnay from California’s sun-soaked coast – not your typical bottle of plonk, this rich white tastes of lemons and vanilla buttercream – and some seductive Rosie Huntington-Whiteley nightwear. Add some candles and cashmere socks and you’ll soon realise that staying in is the new going out.

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Show off your big knickers

When Bridget revealed her “absolutely enormous panties” to Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) in the original film, it went down as one of the funniest scenes in recent cinema history. Big pants didn’t equate to sex appeal at a time when Sisqo’s Thong Song was on every radio channel.

Fast forward to today, and big pants are big news. Choose shaping styles that not only look chic (think pretty lace details) but also promise to give the illusion of a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs – perfect for slipping under your LBD on date night.

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Never have a bad hair day again

Poor old Bridget. There she was, getting ready to impress Colin Firth (aka Mr Darcy) at the Law Council Dinner in The Edge of Reason (in the hope of receiving an engagement ring), but instead she suffered a string of unlucky accidents (remember the blusher mishap?), starting with a clothes iron and backcombed hair.

Swerve a similar incident with Corioliss’ C1 styling iron. Use it to curl, wave or straighten hair and achieve a look that Mr Darcy couldn’t ignore.

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Step up your gym style

Maybe you’re in a bid to win back your ex or impress a certain Mr Darcy, or perhaps you just want to get back into your skinny jeans. Whatever your reason to get fit, you’ll want stylish kit that will give you that boost of motivation.

Don’t do a Bridget and turn up to the gym in your slob-out gear – if everything is baggy, you won’t be able to see the results. Instead, invest in sweat-wicking pieces so you can stay dry and comfortable, and choose bold colours and prints to lift your confidence and mood. Once the exercise endorphins kick in, you’ll be on winning form.

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Images: Rex Features

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