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You’re off on a trip, you’ve got your case down from the attic – now take the stress out of bulging bags and exploding beauty products with the tips to truly transform your packing game


To roll, fold or stuff?

It’s the million-pound question – how to stop clothes getting creased while maximising space? Although many take a hard line one way or the other, we recommend taking the best of both (see ). Roll jerseys and hardier items such as denim and cotton shorts so they take up less room. For items more prone to creasing such as linen and shirts, fold gently and layer up with either plastic from the dry cleaner or tissue paper, wrapping tailored items around any books for structure. For smaller items, go all Russian doll on your packing (): protect perfume bottles by putting them inside socks and then slide them inside shoes or the gaps in between heels to save space. Then put shoes in old shower caps or plastic bags to avoid soiling other items.

Start with a suitcase

Lighten up with linen


Don’t get in a tangle

A holiday is an ideal time to get dressed up, so jewellery is essential. To avoid spending half your trip unravelling your finest finishing touches from each other, you need to enlist the help of a couple of kitchen essentials. Buy 'snack size' plastic bags for packing necklaces – to prevent knots, give each one its own bag and fasten the clasp. Or if you’ve got clingfilm to hand, seal your earrings and necklaces between two layers to keep them separate, laying them one on top of the other. Finally, a pill box is a handy way of not losing small studs and rings to the bottom of your bag.

Jewellery this way


Don’t cry over spilled body milk

You’ve packed your favourite new holiday looks in neatly, but there’s one last thing to do before jetting off to make sure your clothes, shoes and accessories all turn up in tip top condition. While our luggage is some of the toughest around, sometimes beauty products can explode under the air pressure. The solution? Simply unscrew the caps of your creams, scrubs and oils and lay over a small square of our old friend clingfilm before resealing, tape lids to the tubes and tubs and you’ll avoid a Jackson Pollock horror show all over your new summer dress or linen jacket.

Pick your travel minis


Get ahead of the pack

Make the start of your holiday the most effortless it’s ever been by packing strategically. Put all your in-flight essentials (think headphones, tablet, book, eye mask, painkillers) in a separate pouch so when you get on the plane or train you’re not rummaging endlessly in your bag. Then take a last in, first out approach by packing the outfit you’ll need to change into on arrival at your destination right at the top, especially items such as swimwear, towels and sunscreen, so you can get on with your holiday straight away. Bon voyage!

Travel essentials here

Try a towel


Words: Ian Wright / Images: Caroline Leeming / Styling: Zena May Hendrick / Model: Daria Mitichkina at Body London