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Negroni, bellini and gin and tonic cocktails with Italian antipasti




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Bring a dash of la dolce vita into your next party with this trio of aperitivo hour-ready drinks

I love aperitivo time in Italy – that magic hour as day spills into evening and people gather to clink cocktails and graze on antipasti as the sun sets. Although we might not share the country’s climate, don’t let that stop you embracing the Italian tradition. Try a G&T made with lemon-scented Malfy gin, garnished with Sicilian lemons and rosemary. Or whip up a crowd-pleasing bellini from blitzed peaches topped up with prosecco. But the ultimate aperitivo drink is the beautifully bitter negroni: combine equal parts Campari, London dry gin and vermouth in a glass filled with ice, finished with a slice of orange. Serve with our antipasti, sourced from top Italian producers. Salute!
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Italian cocktails and serve with
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