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White wine glasses, red wine glasses and champagne flutes




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Jo caulkett

Home editor


Bring out the best in every drink this party season with our expertly designed glassware

It’s the season for hosting and toasting, and if you (and your guests) want to savour every moment, it pays to get good glassware. Our Sommelier range is designed with our expert in-house winemakers to bring out the best in every drink – from white wine glasses with a narrow opening to deliver flavour straight to the middle of your tongue for enhanced intensity, to our red wine glasses: “These glasses have a wide bowl which tapers towards the rim to channel the flavours and aromas of red wines like pinot noir, shiraz and red burgundy,” says winemaker Sue Daniels. There’s even a set of champagne flutes specially designed to keep your favourite fizz bubbling for longer. Cheers to that.
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“Savour every sip with
EXPERTLY designed glasses
that look great too”