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Boys’ reflective rain jacket




Photography: Karolina Henke

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The hi-tech jacket

It’s time to revert to warmer layers, and this fleece-lined bomber jacket provides practical fun your boy will love

As any mother of boys will know, novelty factor is a great way to get them to do stuff. A toy car is better if it makes lots of noise. A plate of vegetables is more edible in the shape of a face. And a jacket will be worn constantly if… it illuminates in the dark. This jacket ticks all the boxes; it looks sci-fi cool in metallic silver, is water-repellent, padded, fleece lined and when headlights shine on it, it lights up like a Belisha beacon. This glow-factor is great for kids to show off about in the playground and, of course, it’s a safety detail we parents love. Just don’t tell them that.
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“This COSY, light-reflective jacket
will be a firm autumn favourite”