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It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II loves hats almost as much as she loves corgis. In a fun celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, food editor Emma Sleight matches some of Her Majesty’s best headpieces to our birthday cakes (which can all be personalised)


Gallic gateau

The Queen usually opts for top-to-toe sugar-bright shades to ensure she can easily be spotted in large crowds, but for her trip to Paris in 2014, she channelled some Gallic chic with a black and white ensemble and coordinating hat with lace detailing.

Match Her Majesty in the style stakes with our new quadruple-layer chocolate Hat Box cake, complete with royal icing decorations and a smart black ribbon.

Top fact: According to one of the Queen’s milliners, the late Frederick Fox, Her Majesty has so many hats that when she travels they have to come separately in their own train car.

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Royal ruffles

When you’re used to wearing 2lbs of pearls and precious stones on your head for royal engagements, a simple panama isn’t going to cut it. Cue Ma’am’s rose-pink confection of ribbons and flowers, which she wore to open two passenger ferry berths at Dover in 2005.

Tip your cap to the Queen’s birthday with our Giant Cupcake – the hand-piped buttercream roses, all-butter sponge and raspberry jam filling are sure to get the royal seal of approval.

Top fact: The Queen married Prince Philip when rationing was still in force after World War II, so the ingredients for their wedding cake were a gift from the Australian Girl Guides.

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Fondant fascinator

The crown jewels usually stay at home when the Queen travels, so she needs headpieces as stately as they are aesthetically pleasing – like this flower-pinned hat, which she wore to meet former US President George W Bush at the White House in 2007.

Our new iced, all-butter sponge Vintage Grey birthday cake makes a majestic match for the sovereign’s chapeau. And the best bit? You can eat the flower on this one.

Top fact: Her Royal Highness gives out Christmas puddings as presents to her staff every year; she has handed out more than 90,000 so far.

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Regal roses

Every year, on her birthday, Queen Elizabeth II and her family tuck into a decadent chocolate ganache cake made by the royal cooks to a recipe from Queen Victoria’s chef.

Give your birthday celebrations the royal treatment with our take on a chocolate ganache cake, which is filled with blackcurrant jam and covered in hand-piped cassis-chocolate ganache roses, and bears a striking resemblance to the rich burgundy rose hat Elizabeth II was seen in at The Sovereign’s Parade at Sandhurst Military Academy in 2006.

Top fact: Every hat made for the Queen comes with a headscarf and transparent umbrella with a coordinating coloured handle and trim to protect against the British weather.

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Portrait images: Getty

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