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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



From the Style & Living team


Update your interiors with all-important finishing touches, such as hand-painted dinnerware

I’ve finally reached the fun part of renovating my new house – adding the finishing touches to each room. The kitchen was the biggest expense, so I’ve started picking up pieces from M&S’s dinnerware range to update my existing sets without stretching the budget. The abstract, hand-painted Nina side plate (top and bottom) or, my particular favourite, the Luca print side plate (centre), will add interest to an otherwise plain dining set. These feel like adding practical art to the room, and they complement my new navy kitchen cabinets perfectly. If you’re going for a complete crockery overhaul, try the full set of this hand-dipped design (top, just seen) in grey or pink. Either way, I’ve found that when it comes to interiors, incorporating some grand designs is always the best bit.
Nina plate  Luca plate  Hand-dipped set

“The BEAUTY of the range is that it
can either add interest or provide a
complete modern overhaul”