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Giant chocolate Bennet Bunny sitting in grass with Easter eggs




Photographer: Myles New

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Food editor

Supersize your Easter

Make a visit from the Easter bunny extra special this year with our sweet milk chocolate sculpture

If there’s one holiday that both adults and children can get legitimately excited about, it’s Easter – I mean, who can resist a weekend when chocolate consumption isn’t just encouraged, it’s practically mandatory. A young me used to jump for joy whenever Easter rolled around and my parents let me loose in a garden full of sweet treats and now, well, actually not much has changed, which is why I’ve fallen for our Giant Bennet Bunny this year. Measuring an impressive 25cm high, weighing nearly 1kg and crafted using creamy Swiss chocolate, not only will he look totally at home in your veg patch when it’s time for the egg hunt, he’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser that will melt the hearts of kids and grown-ups alike.
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“Made from smooth SWISS milk
chocolate, this Easter bunny would
be welcome in any garden”

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