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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Sam dean

Acting beauty editor


With Halloween parties looming, there’s no better time to perfect your eyeliner technique. Follow our easy guide


1. Starting at the eye’s inner corner, drag the tip of Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, £16, along the lash line to the eye’s outer corner. Stay super close to the lash line until it ends – then drag the pen slightly upwards to create the flick a little beyond the lash line.

2. Gently pull eyelid taut and use the tip of the pen to draw a tidy line from the flick’s end inwards to connect to the centre of the lash line. You should have a slight gap between the two lines.

3. Next, thicken the line by starting at the inner corner and sketch above the first line to meet the second line.

4. Fill the gaps with colour and paint a second layer on top for high pigment drama. Repeat on the other eye. Perfect the look until both eyes are symmetrical.

FINISHING TOUCH: Turn the drama up a notch with two coats of lengthening black mascara – try Pixi Lengthy Fibre Mascara, £16. Wiggle the wand at the lash root before pulling through for an eye-catching false-lash effect. Meow!

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