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From our earliest memories to helping us raise children of our own, mums are a constant source of inspiration. Four models showcase spring’s freshest fashion and bring along their families to tell us how they make Mother’s Day extra special


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Hannah with mum Sandra & son Ossian

Hannah: “My mum is such a wonderful person that you always want to say your thank yous in one way or another – it’s when you become a mum yourself you realise how fab they really are.”

Sandra: “She’s always done special things for me; even when I’m away she manages to get a card to me. I have two lovely daughters and they are both great mums.”


Viivi & daughter Senli

Viivi “Mother’s Day has become more real for me as I’m a mother now. I’ve realised that being a mum is the best thing in the world so I’m very happy to be able to enjoy it.”

Monique & daughter Nicky

Monique “We celebrate with breakfast, I stay in bed and the kids make homemade croissants and eggs. Mother’s Day isn’t until May in Holland when the tulips are in bloom so I always get tulips. I love orange ones – I’m so Dutch.”


Cindy with sons Bash & Zak

Cindy: “They know I love getting flowers and a lovely card and the boys always surprise me just when I think they may have forgotten. I have always felt loved by my boys but on Mother's Day it’s a reminder that they really appreciate me too.”

Zak: “My mum isn’t big on presents. I think for her it’s the thought that counts so she is always happy with what we get her, no matter how big or small.”


Photographer: Rick Truscott / Set builder: Helen Macintyre / Stylist: Niki Brodie / Hair stylist: Asashi Yamaguchi
Make-up artist: Adam de Cruz / Models: Hannah, Sandra and Ossian at Models 1, Viivi and Senli at Zone Models,
Monique and Nicky at Models 1, Cindy, Bash and Zak at Models 1

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