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Simon Hooper aka Father of Daughters wearing premium men’s blue denim jeans holding his twin daughters Ottilie and Delilah




Photographer: Jonty Davies

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Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Instagram star and dad of four girls Simon Hooper, AKA Father of Daughters, picks the jeans to take on anything

With four girls under the age of 10, a full-on career and more than 750,000 Instagram followers, Simon Hooper is a busy man. “I rarely have time to try things on so I stick to failsafe, quality pieces I can mix and match,” he says. Case in point, classic blue jeans: “I usually go for slim fit – I do a lot of cycling so it’s quite hard to find jeans that fit, but these do really well.” Perfect for pedalling or picking up his twins, these jeans feature high-performance stretch woven seamlessly into premium denim, making them a wardrobe essential. After all, if they can survive four energetic girls, they can survive anything.
Get in the jeans

“The luxurious BRUSHED finish
gives the jeans a premium feel”