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Colin the Caterpillar cake on a Halloween party table




Photographer: Park District

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Everyone from David Beckham to Boris Johnson loves Colin the Caterpillar. So it only seems fitting he gets the trick-or-treat treatment

Watch the video to see how you can create your own ghoulishly good version of our favourite edible insect with these five spooky steps to a party-ready Colin cake…

1. Crush cookies and ginger biscuits and spread around the base of the cake to make edible graveyard soil.
2. Roll out a sheet of white fondant icing with a rolling pin and slice into 5cm wide strips. Roll up one end of each strip a few times – don’t worry if they tear or stretch, it all adds to the mummified bandage effect.
3. Stick a couple of our chocolate Eerie Eyes over Colin’s eyes using melted chocolate to create goggley eyes.
4. Add one of our Wicked Witches’ Hats and some fake fangs.
5. Finish by making holes in Colin with the end of a wooden spoon and pushing in wiggly Colin the Caterpillar gums.

All that’s left now is to stock your table with an array of terrifyingly tasty treats, like our Super Scary Fizzy Spiders, Witches’ Fingers biscuits and Spooky Ghosts and Vampire Bats crisps, all of which you can find in store now.
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