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Trademark glossy locks? Check. Lashings of rock-chick eyeliner? Check. Perfectly pale lips? Check. Meet TV’s one-and-only Claudia Winkleman as she unveils her new Christmas make-up and beauty gift collection, created exclusively for M&S

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How Claudia does Christmas

A self-confessed Christmas super-fan, Claudia reveals her endless love for M&S brandy butter (above) – it could even rival her adoration of eyeliner (shocker)

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“When I first started in telly, I hoped boys would send love letters asking me out – but I’ve never received any of those. Instead, all people want to know is what conditioner, eyeliner and lipstick I use,” jokes Claudia Winkleman, the gloriously sharp-witted television presenter with a make-up look as iconic as the primetime show she presents. “Then, this year, M&S asked me to design a beauty range for Christmas,” she gasps, eyes peeking out from behind that trademark glossy fringe. “So of course it had to have all these things – plus a bag of Percy Pigs – because on a night out, everyone needs eyeliner, glowing hair and sweets.”

Enter Claudia’s first-ever beauty collection – a range of nine super-cool gift sets and stocking fillers (all created by Claudia herself) bursting with her signature make-up, nail polish, haircare and beauty accessories. “I’d describe my look as a cross between Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and Chrissie Hynde,” she explains. “Think black jeans, long glossy fringe and shed loads of eyeliner – you’ll

have it all going on with this stuff, I promise you,” she says, showing off her favourite products from her beauty range – It’s Never Enough eyeliner and smudger brush set (£7.50), plus her Freakishly Shiny Hair conditioner and comb duo (£10). “I’d have children with this conditioner if I could,” she giggles.

Claudia may be the first celebrity to put Percy Pigs on the beauty map (find them in the My Favourites set, £40), but that’s not the only priority the mother-of-three had in mind when she created the range. “I wanted to get fully involved in the whole process – from being really annoying over tweaking the formulas to naming each of the products. M&S were adorable and basically said yes to everything.”

How does she feel about creating an army of Claudia look-a-likes inspired by her collection? “It would give me the biggest joy,” she laughs, flattered by the prospect. “After all, I’m about 108… I didn’t expect any of this.”

Any final words of beauty advice? “Yes, remember life isn’t about quinoa, it’s about eyeliner.”


“I don’t like liquid eyeliner or harsh kohls so I made
my eye pencil soft, glossy and deliberately
smudgeable. Top it off with loads of my mascara”
“Want hair so shiny it’s embarrassing? After
shampooing, c-o-m-b through my
conditioner (I can’t stress this enough), then rinse”
“I’ve always favoured pale lipstick but there’s a red
shade in my range, too – even I know you’ve got to go a bit glamorous sometimes”
“I love eyeliner as much as Christmas. You should
get through at least a fifth of my It’s Never Enough
Eye Duo on a night out. That’s an order!”
“My gift sets make perfect presents because
they’re really good value and quality – plus they
last approximately 982 years!”
“This super-pale lipstick with a hint of pink is my
favourite. But I also get over-excited about my First
Base Lip Balm. If you don’t love it, come and find me”
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Photographer: Eric Frideen / Interview: Emma Robertson

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