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The Collection charcoal seven-times distilled vodka and drinks made from the vodka




Photographer: Jonathan Gregson

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Emma Sleight

Food & wine editor


Let us make this crystal clear: this seven-times charcoal-distilled vodka is the perfect base for seasonal cocktails

Treat your guests to a stand-out spirit. Made with British grains, our Collection vodka has been charcoal-filtered to give it exceptional purity and clarity, which makes it perfect for sipping neat or mixed into a festive cocktail. For the traditionalists, try combining 10ml vermouth and 70ml vodka with a twist of lemon peel and an olive garnish for a classic martini. Your zestier friends will love a salty dog: 30ml vodka with 15ml limoncello, the juice of a lemon and grapefruit juice over crushed ice poured into a glass with a salted rim. For a festive red sip, opt for a cosmopolitan: 30ml vodka, 25ml triple sec, the juice of one lime and 50ml cranberry juice – add some frozen cranberries for a touch of Christmas magic. Cheers!
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“Filtered through CHARCOAL
from Hertfordshire wood”

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