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Get the Look


Whether you’re a wedding guest or the bride-to-be, take your beauty cues from these megawatt stars and master their hair and make-up tricks for the big day – no glam squad required


Foolproof film-star eyeliner

Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence both know the camera-pleasing power of a simple feline flick – chic at every age, its eye-lifting illusion makes lashes look thicker. Even better, we’ve got an application technique that promises mistake-proof results – ideal for those suffering from pre-wedding nerves.

1. Create a guide kitten flick using cream concealer. Then use a fine brush to create a flick that extends 2mm up from your lash line towards the outer tip of your brow.

2. With a felt-tip liner, trace a fine line across your eye – make it gradually thicker as it reaches the outer corner, then follow the shape of the concealer guide line.

3. Use concealer and the brush to fix minor slip-ups.

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Hollywood waves made easy

Modern yet vintage-inspired, we’ve got a serious hair crush on Rachel Weisz’s plush Hollywood waves. Brilliantly, it doesn’t take much more than hair mousse, hairspray and a little curling wand know-how to steal the star’s wedding-perfect style. Honest.

1. Prior to blow-drying, prep your hair by applying volumising mousse to help hold the curl.

2. Once blow-dried, part hair in the middle, separate the top section from the bottom and pin up. Wrap a small section around a curling wand, twisting it away from your face, then mist with hairspray.

3. Repeat the same steps from the bottom section to the top.

4. Once the curls have cooled completely, brush through to loosen into cascading waves.

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Instantly airbrushed skin

Helen Mirren’s youthful glow proves you can have flawless complexion at any age – and it’s never too late to turn back the clock with next-generation, miracle-working molecules that promise photo-perfect skin in a flash.

1. Smooth complexions reflect more light. Opt for an exfoliator with fruit acids – they give a more even finish than grainy scrubs.

2. Invest in a good primer. The beauty equivalent of a magic wand, it airbrushes pores and fine lines so you can get away with less make-up.

3. Take your glow to the max with a creamy foundation infused with light-reflecting pigments. Apply from the centre of the face (where you generally need more coverage) and blend outwards for a fresh, youthful finish.

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Images: Getty and Rex