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Model sits, wearing stripy cashmere jumper, hat and gloves




Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith

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Emily Eades

From the Style & Living team


Adopt a more-is-more approach and layer on the cashmere for a look that’s beautifully bundled up

Cashmere makes a super gift – or, ahem, a treat for yourself. Finer, and therefore softer, than ordinary wool, it has a luxury quality that makes us go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ a lot, while also standing the test of time: no mean feat in today’s fickle fashion climate. I’m just a little bit in lust with this stripy jumper – it nods to the Seventies, while offering ‘‘I’m basically going to wear this every day’’ appeal. Braving the elements suddenly seems far more tempting…
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“Cashmere has a LUXURY
quality with plenty of ooh
and ahh appeal”