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Blackberry and brie salad with spinach, walnuts and truffle glaze




Photographer: Tara Fisher

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Rustle up this flavour-packed salad, featuring best-in-season British blackberries and creamy French brie

Now is the perfect time to put our extra-large, super-juicy, 100% British Victoria blackberries centre stage. As well as topping my morning yoghurt with these seasonal treats, I love adding them to a simple salad for added sweetness, texture and an explosion of late-summer flavour. My signature berry salad combines vibrant spinach leaves with blackberries, crunchy chopped walnuts and our new French brie. Matured for a minimum of 30 days and with subtle aromas of cream and hazelnut, this oozy and rich ripening brie is the perfect partner to sweet and slightly tart blackberries. Finish the salad with a generous drizzle of our truffle balsamic glaze, and tuck in!
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“JUICIER than traditional hedgerow
versions, our Victoria blackberries take
sweet and savoury dishes to the next level”