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Think it’s impossible to dress like your kids and look good? We asked three stylish women to try

Helen, founder of Coco Mama Style ( & Mimi Rose, 3

“Mimi Rose is very independent, so I tend to give her options but let her be creative too. Generally she loves anything that’s pink, with a tutu or flowy. When shopping for her, I look for clothes that are soft, affordable and easy to look after, but also have sparkle and quirky little details. It’s quite similar to my own style, which is simple but polished, with a balance of colours, prints and textures. Today’s look is exactly the kind of thing we both love. I’m often inspired to put her in a mini version of what I’d wear – so instead of a Breton top with skinny jeans, I’d swap in navy leggings, and a stripy top with an animal motif or glitter. The overall look is similar but it’s appropriate for her.”


Rachel, editor of Style & Living, M& ( & Lara, 3

“My look’s quite rock and roll – skinny jeans and leather trousers – and Lara loves dresses. I’d like her to be more of a tomboy but it’s amazing how often we’re wearing the same outfit. One day we both had dungarees on and she found that really exciting. I’m not trying to create a small version of myself but for her I’m attracted to things I would want to wear or used to wear. I love the cream dress she’s wearing in these pictures – it made me nostalgic for the smocks I had as a child. As well as being washable, comfortable and inexpensive, I look for outfits that develop Lara’s inner fantasy world. At the moment, she likes this Wild West programme so loves checked shirts – I think it’s important to think about children’s inner life with their outfits too.”


Anna, founder of Mother Pukka ( & Mae, 3

“Mae loves canary yellow – she’s a real sunshine kid and it’s her colour inside and out. Her look is always fun – things she can wear to splash about in muddy puddles but also for teatime with her friends. There are similarities in how we dress – I’m pregnant at the moment so we both need to be comfortable but we’re playful, whether it’s with a pop of colour on a bag or a bright pair of trainers. In terms of kids’ clothes, I look for things that’ll last beyond one wash and I’ve got used to feeling the quality of something. It has to be playground- and falling over-proof before I even take notice of what it looks like. I still follow fashion trends but the key for me is to combine quality and aesthetic.”


Photographer: Luca Campri / Stylist: Julie Vianey / Hair and make-up artist: Lisa Valencia / Kidswear editor: Charlotte Duck

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