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Manhattan gold and black wall clock with framed prints and plant




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Make every second count with this smart clock from our new autumn collection

The summer holidays are over, but rather than sobbing as you pack away the sunscreen (we’ve all been there), give yourself a back-to-school-season boost and look ahead to fresh starts, crisp mornings and, of course, autumn updates for your home. Whatever routine you’re getting back into, this cool clock from our latest homeware collection is sure to help you stay on schedule in style. In minimal black with subtle metallic accents, it’s a feature in its own right – think of it as affordable wall art with a time-keeping twist. It may not turn back time, but it’s sure to turn heads and put you in a forward-thinking mood.
Take your time

“Hang this COOL clock on its own,
or mix it up with framed prints for an
eye-catching wall display”