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Oak kitchen units


Built to last, our oak furniture is durable and easy to care for. From tips on cleaning to the treatment of natural wood, this guide will ensure your pieces look good for years to come

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Caring for wood

When something is well crafted, you’re more inclined to look after it. On the whole, nothing more than regular dusting is needed, although some finishes require a little more care. To keep pieces in good condition, position them away from radiators and out of sunlight, which will cause the colour of the wood to fade. Coasters and mats are always a good idea. Mop up any spills with a slightly damp cloth – wood and water do not mix.

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Oak finishes

Wood is a natural material, so clean and nourish it with a high-quality natural wax or linseed oil. Lacquered finishes are the lowest maintenance – a quick, weekly wipe with a soft lint-free cloth will do. If your furniture has a wax finish, apply a smidgen of beeswax a couple of times a year to maintain the lustre. For oil finishes, rub with a small amount of linseed oil every three months for the first year. This helps the oak to be more water resistant – especially important in the kitchen.

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