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Wedding cakes & wedding food

We're sorry to inform you that, as part of the temporary suspension of our Food to Order service, wedding cakes are no longer available to purchase through our Food to Order service.

If you've already placed an order, don't worry – this will still be fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding this change, please get in touch with our contact centre on 0333 014 8222 and we'll be more than happy to help.

  • We have two cakes – The Traditional Wedding Cake and The Deep Filled Modern Wedding Cake – for which you can change the number of tiers and cake flavours.

    All other cakes are sold as specified in the individual product details, so the following cannot be changed:

    • The ribbon, cake boards, colour or decoration. E.g. swapping milk chocolate roses for white roses
    • The combination of cakes in assorted wedding cakes. E.g. our Romantic Pearl cake combines a large fruit cake, a medium sponge cake and a small chocolate cake – these can’t be mixed or swapped
    • The type of wedding cake – fruit, sponge or chocolate – if that option is not shown

    Looking for inspiration on how to style your wedding cake? Whether you’re a traditionalist or are after something new, we show you how to add a touch of bespoke elegance to your cake.

  • How do I stack or tier my wedding cake?
  • What are the measurements of the cutting cake bars?
  • How are buffet items and cakes packaged when they arrive in store?
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