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Berry good ideas 

Summer’s here and there’s an abundance of beautiful British berries to enjoy. At M&S, ours are the sweetest and tastiest around. Snack on them straight up or try our easy-peasy recipe ideas

Red Diamond Strawberries

The name Red Diamond on the pack means you’ll only find the very best, sweetest strawberries inside. Grown for M&S by our special Select Farmers on Mockbeggar farm, Rochester, the fruits are left on the plant for longer so the natural sugar levels have longer to develop, making them irresistibly sweet.

Although they’re sweet enough to eat on their own, our Select Farm Red Diamond strawberries are also winners in all sorts of dishes. Try blitzing into a compote with a little mint to serve alongside pancakes (pipe into the pan in fun shapes for kids) – no maple syrup needed – or serve with vanilla ice-cream and crumbled shortbread.

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British blueberries

Our plump and juicy British blueberries are bursting with flavour, and they’re handpicked by M&S Select Farmers just the right time for that delicious sweet-but-tart taste.

Try soaking M&S jumbo oats in almond milk overnight, then scattering over blueberries and toasted flaked almonds the next day for breakfast. They’re super in smoothies, too – simply blitz with a little yoghurt, honey and a spoonful of peanut butter.

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Sapphire raspberries

Grown just for M&S, these are raspberries like no other: juicy, extra large and with a fragrant flavour that’s a bit like raspberry jelly. M&S Select Farmer Harry Hall says they’re his “best raspberry of the year”. Pick them up in store now and put them at the centre of your summer cooking: smash into a pulp and spread on vanilla sponges then sandwich with gently whipped cream, or use to fill our ready-made sweet tart cases.

They work a treat in hot weather-ready drinks, too – muddle raspberries with lemon juice and a little honey then top up with soda, or make a raspberry bellini with blitzed-up berries and prosecco.

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Three simple summer berry puds 

Put our British berries to good use with a quick-fix dessert. Simply top our meringue nests with a little whipped cream, fresh berries and your favourite toppings – try Sapphire raspberries and lemon curd, Victoria blackberries and lemon zest, or Red Diamond strawberries and mint.

If you’ve got a crowd coming, create a DIY pavlova station with a selection of fruit and toppings for guests to help themselves.

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