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Fresh Market Update

The farmers, the food, the flavours – we bring you the best of British. Be inspired by our best-in-season ingredients and delicious recipe ideas, as seen on TV

Fresh Market Update
A video clip of ITV's Lucy Verasamy on the loch with salmon farmer Andrew Macleannan

Fresh Market Update: Scottish salmon

For the next Fresh Market Update, we're travelling to the beautiful Loch Linnhe, on the west coast of Scotland, to find out what makes our responsibly sourced salmon taste so good.

ITV's Lucy Verasamy meets M&S Select Farmer Andrew Macleannan, who's been supplying us with delicious salmon since 2006, which, he says, "In my opinion is the best tasting salmon there is".

Lucy and chef Chris Baber cook up two tasty family recipes with our Scottish salmon, right on the side of the loch. 

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All about our Scottish salmon

Scottish sea farm employees at work on the loch



Responsibly sourced

Our Scottish salmon are special because of the environment they live in – with clean waters with a strong current for them to swim against, which helps the fish to grow big and strong



Salmon worth savouring

Flaky and meaty, with a succulent texture, our delicious and versatile Scottish salmon tastes amazing simply dressed with a little lemon juice and served with Jersey Royals

A fillet of salmon with Jersey Royals and asparagus



Chris Baber's salmon pasta

Try this easy pasta dish, which combines our tender Scottish salmon with lemon, peas and a little red chilli, and fennel seeds for a fragrant kick

See the recipe



Space to swim

On average, M&S Select Farmer Andrew Macleannan’s salmon can swim up to 4000km in a lifetime. "Welfare is our highest priority," he says." And that's what's great about working with M&S - their values match ours."

A loch in Scotland surrounded by mountains
Video on the production of our Isle of Wight tomatoes

Fresh Market Update: Isle of Wight tomatoes  

Extra hours of sunlight on the Isle of Wight help our tomatoes taste delicously sweet – no wonder it's nicknamed 'The sunshine isle'.

For the next M&S Food Fresh Market Update, we head to Brian Moralee's tomato farm with ITV's Lucy Verasamy to find out more about this quintessential summer treat and chef Chris Baber cooks two tasty recipes.

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Read more about our tomatoes

All about our Isle of Wight tomatoes

A selection of red, yellow and green M&S Select Farm tomatoes



Major toms

Look out for exclusive varieties of our Isle of Wight tomatoes, such as blush-red victoria and sharp sungreen, in our summer selection tomato mix



Sunshine on a plate

This recipe makes heroes out of our tasty tomatoes – just slice and serve with buffalo mozzarella, basil, seasoning and a glug of your finest olive oil 

More tomato inspiration



Chris Baber's tomato & basil salad

This Instagrammable dish looks amazing. The tomato varieties bring different flavours and textures to the table, while the feta adds a welcome savouriness

Try the recipe



Our brilliant producer

Our summer tomato varieties are grown by M&S Select farmer Brian Moralee. His family business uses an entirely biodegradable growing system 

Cherry tomatoes on a slate board
Lucy Verasamy and Chris Baber’s Fresh Market Update

Fresh Market Update: Red Diamond strawberries

In this week’s Fresh Market Update, ITV’s Lucy Verasamy and chef Chris Baber are exploring Mockbeggar Farm in Kent to learn more about our juicy Red Diamond strawberries. Grown just for M&S, they’re left on the plant for longer for a beautifully sweet and fragrant flavour.

Chef Chris also cooks up a couple of easy recipes which make our Red Diamond strawberries taste even better.

Watch the video

All about our M&S Select Farms Red Diamond strawberries

A bowl of Red Diamond strawberries

Keep it sweet

Our exclusive Red Diamond strawberries are left to ripen on the plant for longer, so they’re deliciously sweet and full of flavour, making them the ultimate British high-summer treat

The cream of the crop

Farmer John Myatt encourages biodiversity at his farm in Kent – there are even ‘bee hotels’ to help attract pollinators. The county’s longer sunshine hours help make the strawberries taste super-sweet 

A bowl of Red Diamond strawberries with cream

Chris Baber’s summery breakfast idea

Prep these tasty overnight oats the night before then top with fresh Red Diamond strawberries for a hearty breakfast

See the recipe

Picked just for M&S 

Growers at Mockbeggar Farm select only the juiciest, biggest and best strawberries just for M&S. “They’re easily the best we’ve ever grown,” says farmer John Myatt

Cream being poured over a bowl of sliced strawberries
M&S Fresh Market Update Sapphire raspberry farm

Fresh Market Update: Sapphire raspberries

Watch this week’s M&S Food Fresh Market Update with ITV’s Lucy Verasamy, who’s exploring M&S Select Farmer Harry Hall’s farm in Berkshire to learn all about our deliciously sweet Sapphire raspberries, which he grows just for us.

She then teams up with chef Chris Baber on the farm, who cooks up some tempting family recipes which make Sapphire raspberries the stars of the show.

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All about our M&S Select Farms Sapphire raspberries

A woman picking raspberries

Only the berry best

M&S Select Farmer Harry Hall started with just 10 precious Sapphire raspberry plants at his family’s Tuesley farm in Berkshire and there are now two million. “I think they're the best raspberries in the world,” he says

The perfect pick

Juicy, jammy and super-sized, our Sapphire raspberries are picked at their peak to ensure you enjoy them at their best, and berries picked today can be in your M&S Foodhall tomorrow

A plate of Sapphire raspberries

Chef Chris Baber’s simple summer pud

Put our Sapphire raspberries to good use by stirring through whipped cream with raspberry coulis and meringue: the ultimate fuss-free seasonal dessert

More recipe ideas

The birds and the bees

Honeybees and bumblebees are the natural pollinators that help Harry’s raspberries grow, so he plants wild flowers and keeps bee hives to encourage them to visit

A farmer with a tray of Sapphire raspberries

Hungry for more?

Chef Chris Baber cooking in the kitchen

Fresh Market recipes

Chef and Instagram star Chris Baber puts our perfect pick seasonal produce to delicious use 

See the recipes

A duo of layered berry yoghurt pots

Berry good ideas

Find more inspiration and ideas with our irresistible M&S Select Farms Sapphire raspberries

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