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Hand-harvested British sunflowers 

Find out more about our British sunflowers, meet one of our growers and discover top tips to keep them looking blooming lovely for longer 
British sunflowers

Hello sunshine 

Big, bold and bright sunflowers are a summer delight! These stunning new-season blooms are grown by trusted growers like Matt Naylor who ensure only the best blooms make it to M&S.

Whether it’s a birthday gift for them or a mood-boosting treat for yourself, vibrant sunflowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Pick up a bunch in store or order a stunning arrangement to the doorstep with free delivery by shopping online. 

Meet sunflower grower Matt

Matt Naylor’s family has been growing flowers in south Lincolnshire since the 1940s and his sunflowers are conditioned to give our customers the best, longest-lasting blooms. The team harvest the flowers by hand every day, seven days a week, to ensure maximum freshness and quality. But that’s not all – Matt and his team work hard to minimise water waste by watering the flowers with recycled rainwater and are working with other farmers on a joint irrigation plan. 

Grower Matt Naylor in a field of sunflowers

British sunflowers arranged in jars, vases and pots

Sunflower styling tips

Make summer celebrations even more special by setting the table with vases of vibrant yellow sunflowers. Simply gather a selection of glasses, vases and terracotta pots, trim the sunflower stems to suit the size of the pot and remove any leaves that fall below the water line. Fill the vases and pots with fresh water and flower food. To keep the blooms looking beautiful for longer, refresh the water and re-cut the stems every couple of days.