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Stunning summer flowers

From vibrant sweet williams to picture-perfect peonies, discover in-season British flowers in store and online. Plus, meet one of our growers and be inspired by our styling tips


A vase of peonies

Beautiful British blooms 

Summer is in full bloom! Discover the sweetest-smelling sweet Williams, Instagram-worthy peonies, showstopping delphiniums and more in store and online. All our flowers are sourced from trusted, sustainable M&S Select Farmers we know and trust and are guaranteed to stay fresh for five days – plus, all our online flowers come with free delivery

Discover the best British blooms in store and online now. Be quick – they’ll be around for a limited time only.

Meet flower grower Matt

Matt Naylor from Sycamore Farm in Lincolnshire is one of our trusted M&S Select Farmers. The Naylor family have been farming in south Lincolnshire since the 1600s and producing flowers since the 1940s. The family grow over 50 million stems of cut flowers every year and are the largest grower of cut delphinium flowers in the UK. 

Matt’s crops are harvested by hand every day, seven days a week to ensure maximum freshness and quality. They’re also grown and conditioned to give customers the best, longest-lasting blooms. What’s more, the team work in harmony with nature by reusing water collected on the roof, and use renewable energy sources like solar panels and a water reservoir.

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Flower care tips 

Matt Naylor


Summer flowers arranged in pots and jars

Make your flowers shine

Want to make your summer blooms really showstopping? Try splitting your bouquet into smaller vases, pots or even vintage tins for a rustic look, then arranging down the length of your garden table or on a sideboard or shelf.

Keep your flowers between one and one-and-a-half times taller than the vase – always trim on an angle to increase the stems’ surface area. To arrange, surround larger blooms with smaller ones, followed by foliage. Make sure to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, radiators, draughts and pets to ensure they look blooming lovely for longer.

Flower-arranging tips