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  • Sliced tomahawk steak with roasted cherry tomatoes and triple-cooked chipsFind your nearest store

    Daddy of all steaks

    We’re thinking big this year, which is why some of our products are bold, beautiful and large enough to share. Our daddy of all steaks is perfect for passing around: a carefully-trimmed tomahawk, it’s a brilliant addition to a barbecue and is tender and juicy once cooked.

    • Energy per 100g: 201 kcal

    • Fat: 12.7g

    • Sugars: <0.1g

    • Salt: 0.15g


    Our Best Ever quiche LorraineFind your nearest store

    Our Best Ever quiche Lorraine

    Made in Yorkshire by our savoury pastry experts, this exquisite handcrafted quiche is made with a cheese and butter shortcrust pastry that’s blind-baked for extra crispiness, filled with a free-range egg and double cream custard, gruyere cheese and applewood-smoked bacon, then baked to perfection.

    • Energy per 100g: 250 kcal

    • Fat: 18.2g

    • Sugars: 1.9g

    • Salt: 1g

    • Allergens: egg, milk, wheatflour, gluten, mustard, barley

    A rack of chilli cheese posh puppies with a jar of ketchupFind your nearest store

    Chilli cheese posh puppies

    Perfect as part of a crowd-pleasing spread, our chilli cheese posh puppies are made with outdoor-bred pork, fiery red jalapenos and mature cheddar cheese for a spicy snack you’ll love to sink your teeth into.

    • Energy per sausage: 125 kcal

    • Fat: 10.5g

    • Sugars: 0.8g

    • Salt: 0.76g

    • Allergens: milk

    La Dame en Rosé being poured into a wine glassFind your nearest store

    La Dame en Rosé

    Exclusively blended for M&S, this fresh and fruity rosé is made from grapes ripened by the south of France sunshine. And it’s not just for summer – La Dame en Rosé is a light, versatile tipple suitable for most foods and year-round drinking. At just £6, it’s fantastic value, too.

    • Allergens: sulphites

    Southern-fried chicken tenders served in a brioche bunFind your nearest store

    Southern-fried chicken tenders

    Made with chicken sourced from Select Farms we know and trust, our succulent chicken tenders are coated in a golden, farmhouse-style crumb fashioned from crusty bread. We like to put a few in a butter-enriched brioche burger bun and top with crunchy gem lettuce leaves and lashings of mayonnaise.

    • Energy per 100g of tenders: 176 kcal

    • Fat: 7.6g

    • Sugars: 2g

    • Salt: 1.08g

    • Allergens: wheat, gluten

    Two Texan-style slammersFind your nearest store

    Texan-style slammers

    If you’re looking to sample a taste of southern Texas, you’ll go wild for our cheese-stuffed green jalapenos ­– each one is encased in juicy outdoor-bred pork sausage and wrapped in smoky bacon. Could this be the savoury snack of your dreams? We think so.

    • Energy per slammer: 459 kcal

    • Fat: 37.6g

    • Sugars: 2.1g

    • Salt: 2.33g

    • Allergens: milk

    A bowl of Red Diamond strawberriesFind your nearest store

    Red Diamond strawberries

    At M&S, we work with a select group of growers who ensure they pick the right maturity, colour and size of strawberry to deliver a fabulous fruit experience to each and every berry lover. Once you’ve tried them, we’re sure you’ll agree Red Diamond strawberries are the best on the high street.


    Slices of margherita and spicy pepperoni meat’zzaFind your nearest store

    Margherita and spicy pepperoni meat’zza

    Protein lovers, prepare to be bowled over by our margherita meat’zza, with its herby base made from outdoor-bred pork and moreish topping of sweet roasted tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and basil; or pepperoni, mozzarella and jalapenos. A tasty option for those cutting down on carbs or going gluten free.

    • Energy: 431 kcal

    • Fat: 34.3g

    • Sugars: 3.9g

    • Salt: 1.85g

    • Allergens: milk

    A succulent burger with an opened jar of special burger sauceFind your nearest store

    Special burger sauce

    Our American-inspired tomato and mustard sauce is infused with gherkins and dill oil and tastes so good that limiting it to burgers alone would be a culinary crime, so use on hot dogs, fries and as a dip to make the most of this super sauce.


    • Energy per 100ml: 360 kcal

    • Fat: 33.3g

    • Sugars: 7.1g

    • Salt: 1.6g

    • Allergens: mustard, egg

    A man holding a plate with one of our giant daddy of all burgersFind your nearest store

    Daddy of all burgers

    Created to feed four, our burger won’t fail to be a talking point at your next gathering. Made with pulled barbecue beef, wrapped in smoky bacon rashers and stuffed with a creamy cheese sauce that oozes when sliced, it’s a supersized extravaganza.

    • Energy per portion: 608 kcal

    • Fat: 45.3g

    • Sugars: 4.0g

    • Salt: 2.20g

    • Allergens: milk, mustard

    Chicken vindaloo sandwichFind your nearest store

    Chicken vindaloo sandwich

    Spice up your lunch with this fiery sandwich, inspired by one of the nation’s favourite curries. It’s made with marinated chicken and a flavour-packed vindaloo sauce, mint and cucumber raita, chargrilled red peppers and spinach on white-onion bread. Be warned: it’s a hot one!

    • Energy per sandwich: 382 kcal

    • Fat: 11g

    • Sugars: 7.6g

    • Salt: 1.7g

    • Allergens: mlk, wheat, gluten, egg, mustard

    Llama cakeFind your nearest store

    Llama cake

    Made from three delicious layers of fluffy vanilla sponge filled with luscious buttercream and raspberry jam, covered in soft white icing and finished with an edible mane and ears, this llama design is right on trend and won’t fail to raise a smile.


    • Energy per portion: 374 kcal

    • Fat: 13.4g

    • Sugars: 47g

    • Salt: 0.28g

    • Allergens: gluten, wheatflour, milk, egg, soya

    Beer-battered cod and scraps served with triple-cooked chips, peas and lemonFind your nearest store

    Beer-battered cod and scraps

    Our responsibly sourced cod – moist, flaky fish coated with a tempura-style batter made with Amarillo Golden Ale taken straight from the keg – comes with scraps of golden, crispy batter that you won’t find anywhere else outside a chip shop. Serve with our crunchy yet fluffy triple-cooked chips.

    • Energy per portion: 236 kcal

    • Fat: 14.7g

    • Sugars: 1.5g

    • Salt: 0.88g

    • Allergens: fish, gluten, wheat, barley

    Two mango, passion fruit and coconut potsFind your nearest store

    Mango, passion fruit and coconut pots

    A welcome taste of summer, these dairy-free puds from our Plant Kitchen range are made with coconut panna cotta and topped with a mango and passion fruit compote. Serve with fresh mango slices, passion fruit and toasted coconut flakes for a fruity fiesta of a dessert.


    • Energy per pot: 200 kcal

    • Fat: 6.1g

    • Sugars: 15.4g

    • Salt: 0.08g

    • Allergens: nut, peanut (prepared in a facility with milk and eggs)

    Bang bang prawn noodle saladFind your nearest store

    Bang Bang prawn noodle salad

    For a noodle salad with a difference try ours, a delectable combo of satay-marinated king prawns, bean sprouts, pak choi and lightly pickled pink star cabbage garnished with chopped peanuts and a peanut and coconut dressing.

    • Energy per portion: 242 kcal

    • Fat: 9.9g

    • Sugars: 8.8g

    • Salt: 2.03g

    • Allergens: wheat, crustaceans, soybeans, peanuts, gluten, egg

    A bowl of spaghetti bologneseFind your nearest store

    Spaghetti bolognese


    To take your midweek cooking up a notch, cook our succulent 12%-fat beef mince in our authentic Italian tomato pasta sauce and serve with super-fresh spaghetti made by one of Italy’s oldest pasta producers.

    Sauce: Vegetarian

    • Energy per portion of sauce: 122 kcal

    • Fat: 6.3g

    • Sugars: 4.8g

    • Salt: 1.45g

    • Allergens: celery

    Slices of Korean BBQ steak with a bowl of crunchy saladFind your nearest store
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    Korean BBQ flat iron steak

    A large flat iron steak just right for sharing. This nicely spiced British beef is marinated in gochujang (a red chilli paste synonymous with Korean cuisine), ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Delicious grilled on the barbecue, lovely in a bao bun or baguette, or perfect stir-fried with rice, it’s a summer sizzler.

    • Energy per portion: 188 kcal

    • Fat: 6.1g

    • Sugars: 3.0g

    • Salt: 1.38g

    • Allergens: soybeans, gluten, wheatflour

    Our Best Ever burger with cheeseFind your nearest store
    Shop the burger

    Our Best Ever burger with cheese

    The stuff your barbecue dreams are made of: fully traceable, 100% British beef, specially selected to create the juiciest of patties, topped with cheesy melts made from a delicious combination of cheese, gherkins, mustard and tomato sauce. Serve in our soft fried-onion brioche buns ­and house sauce for a burger you’ll never forget.

    • Energy per burger: 422 kcal

    • Fat: 32.8g

    • Sugars: 0.9g

    • Salt: 1.1g

    • Allergens: milk, mustard

    Sapphire raspberries on a wooden boardFind your nearest store

    Sapphire raspberries

    These succulent Sapphire raspberries can only be found at M&S and we think this variety is our best raspberry of the year! Relatively new to market, this impressive-looking fruit is one big berry. Not only that, it has a sweet, jammy, jelly-like flavour that’s hard to resist.


    Two no-pork sausage rollsFind your nearest store

    No-pork sausage roll

    The new vegan sausage roll from our Plant Kitchen range consists of 81 layers of flaky, dairy-free puff pastry and perfectly seasoned soy mince infused with thyme, sage, coriander and mace so you get all the flavour and texture of a national favourite without the meat


    • Energy per roll: 180 kcal

    • Fat: 10.9g

    • Sugars: 1g

    • Salt: 0.58g

    • Allergens: wheatflour, gluten, barley, soybeans, soya (prepared in a facility with milk and eggs)

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