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  • A bowl of Red Diamond strawberriesFind your nearest store
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    Red Diamond strawberries

    Our Red Diamond strawberries are grown just for M&S by our trusted Select Farmers at Mockbeggar Farm in Kent, where the fruit is left for longer so the natural sugars have more time to develop, making them irresistibly sweet.


    A plate of Sapphire raspberries with mint and spoonsFind your nearest store
    More on raspberries

    Sapphire raspberries

    Sweet and fragrant Sapphire raspberries can only be found at M&S, and they’re the best raspberry of the year. The super-sized fruits, grown by M&S Select Farmer Harry Hall in Berkshire, have a sweet, jammy, raspberry jelly-like flavour that’s impossible to resist.






    A tomato and feta salad with fresh basil leavesFind your nearest store
    More on tomatoes

    Isle of Wight tomatoes

    Grown in the sunny climes of the Isle of Wight by M&S Select Farmers, these plump, tasty toms come in traffic light colours of red, orange, green and gold and in a range of varieties including organic options. A perfect summer ingredient, they’re so delicious raw that all they require is a glug of good quality olive oil, salt and some fresh basil leaves to create an incredible summer salad.





    Barbecue pork loins with apple and radish slawFind your nearest store

    Select Farms pork loin steaks

    Our tender outdoor-bred British pork loins come from M&S Select Farmers we know and trust, so you can rest assured they meet our high quality animal welfare and environmental standards. Simply griddle in a pan or on the barbie and serve with a crunchy slaw.





    Salmon fillets with potatoes and asparagusFind your nearest store

    Scottish salmon fillets

    For over a decade, our M&S Select Farms Scottish salmon supplier has sourced delicious fresh salmon exclusively for M&S, ensuring they meet our high quality, welfare and sustainability standards – so you know the fish will taste amazing. Our 100% Scottish salmon fillets are rich in omega 3, too. Serve with new potatoes and asparagus for a simple summer dinner.



    A selection of beef tacos with a pot of sour cream and lime wedgesFind your nearest store

    Beef mince

    Our Select Farms beef mince only comes from farmers we know and trust, and from fully traceable animals, so you can enjoy great quality meat raised to high welfare standards. Try some in chef Chris Baber’s family-friendly recipe for tasty beef tacos.

    Salt-aged steaks being cooked on a barbecueFind your nearest store
    More BBQ inspiration

    M&S Select Farms salt-aged steak

    This is not just any beef. This is our award-winning salt-aged beef, expertly aged in salt chambers containing Atlantic sea salt and hand-harvested Irish carrageen seaweed to produce a uniquely nutty taste. Choose between rich and robust rump, tender lean fillet, and melt-in-the-mouth sirloin.





    Southern-fried chicken tenders served in a brioche bunFind your nearest store
    More on cherries


    Deliciously juicy, with a flavour burst like no other, cherries are a true taste of summer. Our British cherries are grown by M&S Select Farmers we know and trust, who leave the crop on the tree for as long as possible so they’re extra sweet. As well as our British cherries, don’t miss our extra-large king cherries.

    A burger with an opened jar of special burger sauceFind your nearest store

    Special burger sauce

    Our American-inspired tomato and mustard sauce is infused with gherkins and dill oil, and tastes so good that limiting it to burgers alone would be a culinary crime! Use on hot dogs, fries and as a dip to make the most of this super sauce.






    A bottle and glass of La Dame en Rose wine with fresh fruitFind your nearest store
    Read our guide to rosé

    La Dame en Rose

    Exclusively blended for M&S, this fresh and fruity rosé is made from grapes ripened by the south of France sunshine. And it’s not just for summer – La Dame en Rose is a light, versatile tipple suitable for most foods and year-round drinking. At just £6, it’s fantastic value, too.



    A picnic of deli food, including tandoori prawns, bacon and cheese mini muffins, diablo cheddar rolitos and sweet potato bitesFind your nearest store
    Picnic inspiration

    Deli range

    Our globally-inspired deli range includes succulent tandoori prawns, chorizo and cheddar rolls, spicy sweet potato bites, soft bacon and cheese mini muffins, and diablo cheddar rolitos, as well as mini tortillas and chargrilled peppers, so there’s something for everyone at your next al fresco gathering.

    A bowl of crisp, red jazz applesFind your nearest store

    Jazz apples

    Part of our Fresh Market Specials range, these sweet, juicy and tangy apples cost just 65p a pack. And because they’re high in fibre, have a low GI, and are a source of vitamin C and antioxidants, jazz apples are an exceptionally healthy addition to your weekly shop.


    Blueberries tumbling from a colander into a dishFind your nearest store

    British blueberries

    Our plump, juicy British blueberries are full of flavour, and they’re handpicked by M&S Select Farmers at just the right time for that delicious sweet-but-tart taste. Perfect eaten on their own or added to breakfast dishes and desserts.


    Egg and avocado salad, bang bang chicken salad and king prawn saladFind your nearest store
    Picnic inspiration

    High-protein salads

    Our flavourful, protein-rich salads bring the colours of the rainbow to a picnic or al fresco working lunch. Choose from egg and avocado salad with a paprika seed mix and green vegetable dressing, bang bang chicken salad with pretty pinkstar cabbage and a crunchy peanut crumb, or our succulent king prawn salad with a yellow pepper dressing.

    A masala fish burger with a cucumber and yoghurt raitaFind your nearest store
    More burger ideas

    Masala fish burger

    Infused with an aromatic mix of spices, our salmon burgers are perfect for pescatarians and anyone else looking for a delicious alternative to beef. For a burger with a difference, serve in a lightly charred bun with a cooling cucumber and yoghurt raita, a handful of red onion slices and some lettuce leaves.



    A selection of whole and sliced red pointed peppersFind your nearest store

    Pointed peppers

    One of the great-value products in our Fresh Market Specials range, these ruby-red pointed peppers are one of the sweeter varieties and have a thinner skin, which makes them easier to digest. Pointed peppers go brilliantly in salads or stir-fries, or simply slice into batons and eat raw dipped in houmous.


    A selection of M&S pre-mixed cocktails in cansFind your nearest store

    Cocktails in a can


    These new additions to our range of pre-mixed cocktails are set to be a hit this summer. From vermouth and tonic to cherry and peach spritzers, these refreshing drinks come in cans that are just the thing for sipping al fresco.


    Five juicy British plumsFind your nearest store

    British plums

    Part of our Fresh Market Specials range – where all items cost 65p – our sweet yet piquant plums are grown by British producers and selected for their delicious taste and juiciness.


    Whole and sliced nectarinesFind your nearest store


    Our ripen-at-home nectarines are included in our Fresh Market Special range, and cost a very reasonable 65p per pack.

    Three bunches of black, green and red speciality grapesFind your nearest store
    More on grapes

    Speciality grapes

    We select the best growers for our grapes – who leave the fruit on the vines for longer to maximise flavour, sweetness and size – so you can enjoy the best. This year, our very special, completely natural varieties include candy floss, mango, sable, strawberry and tutti frutti.

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