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With fresh new ideas from South America in store, now's the time to add something a little bit different to your weekly food shop. Fill your fruit bowl with our pick of the tropical crop, including grenadillas and plantain and give your midweek meal some carnival spirit with our favourite Spanish-inspired dessert


A native fruit of South America, Grenadillas are a close relative of the passion fruit. It has a similar thick, inedible skin and masses of seeds hidden inside, but – deceptively for a bright orange fruit – it delivers a kick of sharp lime favour. When ripe, the skin is smooth, so just slice in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.

Use it in the same way as you would a passion fruit – as a topping for yogurt, in smoothies and fruit fools or spread over the top of a cheesecake for a zesty hit.

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They may be genetically related, but this Latin American favourite is less sweet than a traditional banana, as well as bigger and much more fibrous. Unlike their cousins, plantains can't be eaten raw, but frying or roasting really brings out their flavour. Green ones – the least ripe – are best baked in their skins in the oven for about an hour to bring out their sweetness. Remove the flesh, then mash with a little butter.

For ripe, yellow plantains, peel and slice them into discs (remove the ends first, as they can be tough), then fry in butter with chilli and garlic – they make a great accompaniment to jerk chicken or fried fish.

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Tucking into a mound of fluffy, sugar-coated churros hot from the fryer is a great holiday treat, and now you can recreate these doughnut-like morsels at home with our churros from the Food to Order range. In Spain they’re often eaten with a café con leche at the end of a night out, but these butter-rich bites are so easy to prepare that you can make them as a speedy snack or an effortless dinner party pudding.

Our pack of 24 come already baked to a burnished golden brown – all you have to do is heat in the oven and dust with the cinnamon sugar before warming the chocolate sauce for dipping.

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