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Top of the toms

Our Isle of Wight tomatoes are bursting with summer flavours. Bring the sunshine into your kitchen with these tasty ideas

Major toms

Nothing spells summer like perfectly ripe tomatoes. Sweet and juicy, our British speciality summer selection (available in store) is a celebration of this brilliant ingredient. Tuck into five vibrant varieties, including Victoria (exclusive-to-M&S this summer), pink cherry, which have a delicate umami flavour, and Banamo with its hint of fresh apricot flavour. 

These super-sweet tomatoes are grown by an M&S Select Farmer on the Isle of Wight. Nicknamed ‘the sunshine isle’, it’s one of the sunniest places in the UK, making it the ideal climate for growing tomatoes. 

With tomatoes this good, there’s no need to overcomplicate things: simply serve with buffalo mozzarella, basil, seasoning and a glug of  olive oil.

To keep your toms tasting their best, store on the kitchen worktop at room temperature away from direct sunlight. If you don’t have a chance to eat them before they become overripe, it’s fine to store tomatoes in the fridge, but take them out 30 minutes before eating as the cold can affect the flavour.

Discover our range of delicious tomatoes when you’re next in store, shopping for your essentials.

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All about our producer

Having grown them on the Isle of Wight for most of his life, there isn’t much that M&S Select Farmer Brian Moralee doesn’t know about tomatoes. Not only does his team harvest at first light to keep our tomatoes fresher for longer, the growing system is entirely biodegradable – from the coconut husks the plants grow in, to the string that supports them. Plant waste can be made into an enriching compost to be used on organic crops the following year, and the farm collects rainwater to irrigate.

Specialised CHP (combined heat and power) energy centres not only provide heat, carbon dioxide and power to the greenhouses, they generate enough electricity to supply 61% of the Isle of Wight’s homes. No wonder Brian has been a valued M&S supplier for 30 years.

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Our tomatoes, three ways 

Put our best-in-season tomatoes to tasty use in these three quick recipes:

Easy baked eggs – sauté then simmer halved cherry tomatoes with garlic and chilli flakes. Make three wells in the sauce and crack an egg into each, and place in a medium-heat oven to bake the eggs until set. Finish with fresh basil and feta cubes and serve with sourdough.

Squished raw tomato sauce – for a light supper, smash tomatoes and mix with minced garlic, finely grated Parmesan and a splash of red wine vinegar to create a healthy raw sauce to stir through cooked spaghetti.

Simple tomato salad with pan-fried cod – tear up basil leaves, slice tomatoes of different colours and sizes, and coat with extra virgin olive oil. Season to taste, then serve alongside a fillet of pan-fried cod.

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