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Perfectly portioned pizza

The growing trend for lower calorie pizzas in restaurants was the inspiration behind our new Ultra Thin Wood Fired range

We’ve made it even easier to treat yourself to a restaurant-quality pizza at home with our new smaller Wood Fired pizza range. Packed with flavour but controlled in terms of size and calories, these smaller-sized, authentic sourdough Wood Fired bases are hand stretched, giving you a light and irresistibly crisp base.


Just because they’re small doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on taste, though this brand new selection of four pizzas showcases a variety of delicious flavour combinations, from semi-dried Italian figs and Prosciutto Crudo to Pollo Primavera, which is our first ‘non tomato’ based pizza with a beautifully fresh pea & mint sauce.


Head in to your nearest store to discover all four flavours:


Proscuitto crudo & Fig = 385 cals
Salame Firenze = 394 cals
Pollo Primavera = 414 cals
Mozzarella di Bufala and Rocket = 468 cals



Head in to your nearest store to discover all four flavours


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