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Give your home a spring clean

Here's how to make your home spotless with our eco-friendly range of household cleaning products and cleaning tips

Our dream clean team

Affordable and efficient at removing stains, grease and grime, our cleaning range is Instagram influencer-approved, with social media stars such as @mrshinchhome making products like our £1 cleaning sponge (nicknamed ‘markeh’ by fellow social influencer @lauracleanaholic). So, what makes our products extra-special? They’re cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and made using plant-based ingredients, while our trigger bottles are 100% recyclable. What’s not to love?

To give your home a deep clean follow these useful tips:

Take out the food bins and shelves from the fridge and wash in our anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner

Remove food from cupboards, discard out-of-date products and wipe down with our floral burst multi-purpose spray

Use our Mrs Hinch-endorsed stain removing wipes to get marks off clothes, upholstery and carpets

For a super-fresh bathroom clean, spray walls and tiles with sparkling wave bathroom cleaner, use a hot shower to build steam, switch the shower off, close the door, wait 15 minutes then wipe with a dry cloth.

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Anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner

Mrs Hinch approves of our apricot and orange anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner. This lightly scented spray leaves no harsh chemical residue and, at 90p, it's a bargain.

In stores now

Floral burst multi-purpose cleaner

This sweet-smelling all-purpose cleaner is also just 90p, needs no rinsing and works on all surfaces.

In stores now

Sparkling wave bathroom cleaner

Use our gentle but effective sparkling wave bathroom cleaner and you can wave goodbye to watermarks and soapy water build up. Also 90p.

In stores now

Non-scratch cleaning sponge

Made famous by the ‘Hinch effect’ after social media influencer Sophie Hinchliffe gave her seal of approval, our £1 sponge has legions of fans and even its own nickname, ‘markeh’, first coined by social media star @lauracleanaholic.

In stores now

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