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The fight against food waste

According to statistics, we waste around 15 million tonnes of food every year, and almost 50 per cent of that is thrown away in our own homes. By working with charities like Neighbourly, we're trying to do as much as we can to reduce our waste, and we want to help you rethink how you use your food too

How M&S deals with food waste

Let’s get Neighbourly

Marks & Spencer is committed to becoming a zero waste business by 2025.

Part of this is working closely with charitable partners to redistribute surplus food from our stores to a network of charities that cook for those in need and are on the frontline of dealing with food poverty. We work in partnership with award-winning social platform Neighbourly, who website will provide a simple process for food charities to register and receive food from their local M&S store. So far, 4.1 million tonnes of product has been donated.

But that's just the beginning. We want to help you re-examine how you shop and cook, so you can reduce waste in your own home, starting with changes you can make to your everyday life and some simple recipe ideas to help you use up one of the most commonly thrown-away foods: vegetables.

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Five ways to reduce food waste

Who hasn't chucked away an unopened pot of houmous, some wrinkly carrots or chicken that's just past its best? Emptying the fridge and getting rid of food on the turn has become almost a daily ritual for busy families who just don't have the time to think up ways of using up all the food they buy each week. Start with the basics, like these five simple tips from one of our food-waste partners, Love Food Hate Waste, and see how much you can reduce your waste in a single week.

1. Get label savvy:
We all know that 'best before' isn't the same as 'display before', but do you know what everything that's printed on supermarket food labels means? Find out with this handy guide.

2. Make a meal planner:
It sounds so simple, but deciding exactly what you're going to cook when and what ingredients you need is the easiest way to make sure you aren't buying unnecessary items. Start by checking your fridge and freezer and asking yourself what you really need, then think about what you're going to eat for the week and write a list.

3. Watch your portion size:
Avoid making too much for daily meals or dinner parties with this guide to proper meal portioning.

4. Understand your fridge:
You might not realise it, but there's more to storing your food in the fridge than separating it onto different shelves. Find out how everything from adjusting the temperature to organising your shelves can help avoid waste with this guide to loving your fridge.

5. Advice from the experts:
With tips on everything from correcting over-salted food using overripe fruit, explore this brilliant archive of handy food tricks to help you get the most out of your shop.

Five ways to reduce food waste

How to use up your vegetables

Broccoli and courgette stacks

Light, zingy and packed with zesty lime, and chilli, this veggie recipe will help you use up courgettes before they go soft

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Carrot tarte tatin

Get creative with a bag of carrots with our guide to making a savoury version of this French flaky pastry classic

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Gado Gado

If you've got leftover cold potatoes and a tin of beans or pulses hanging around, transform them into this tasty vegan dinner

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Roasted root vegetable frittata

If you have some veggies left from sunday lunch, give them a makeover with this recipe for a super-fast frittata

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Food inspiration

Leftover recipes

Try something new

Take a fresh look at your leftovers with clever recipes from our Cook with M&S app

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