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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Becky Sunshine

From the Style & Living team


Creating an elegant dining table can make any meal time a pleasurable experience. Sleek, modern stainless-steel cutlery is a great place to start, says Style & Living’s Becky Sunshine.

As we’re often told, we eat with our eyes, so I always think it’s worth the effort to present your food and table beautifully. Quick fixes, which are both practical and stylish, are the key during a busy working week. Made from the highest-grade, ultra-resistant, brushed stainless steel, this 16-piece set of cutlery (including four forks, four knives, four dessert spoons and four teaspoons), which is also dishwasher-safe, will ensure your table feels contemporary and polished.
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“Making your dining table ELEGANT and
stylish is simple when you add smart
touches, such as sleek stainless-steel cutlery.”