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Shirts buying

A great-fitting shirt will make any outfit. We explain everything from fit to collars and cuffs in our handy buying guide, to help you find your perfect shirt.


If you need a little more room, our Big & Tall shirts are 2" longer in the sleeves and body. We also have extra-small shirts that are 2" shorter.

Regular fit

Our most generous fit, with two pleats at the back for added comfort.

Tailored fit

A more fitted silhouette through the body and sleeves, with no back pleats.

Slim fit

Our slimmest fit with added back darts for a neater waistline.



The most universal collar style, the Classic is ideal for both work and everyday wear. This collar looks great with or without a tie, and adds a dapper touch to a casual occasion.


A traditional collar - also known as the Windsor - the Cutaway is cut in an angle towards the shoulder. A smart style suitable for both work and evening wear.

Button down

Also known as the Oxford, the Button-down is sporty and low-key. Usually worn without a tie, the button-down is a versatile everyday option.


A classic style that’s suitable for work, the Forward-point flatters a broad or round face and is typically worn with a four-in-hand tie knot due to its width.


A traditional evening wear style, the Wing is perfect for formal occasions, black tie events and for when the dress code is set to ‘impress’.



A classic, universal style available in both rounded and angled options. The Single works with a number of dress codes, though it's slightly less formal and more suited for day.


Also known as the French, the Double is folded back, with holes to be fastened with cufflinks instead of buttons. A formal option, traditionally found on a dress shirt.