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Often, a beach holiday is the preferred option for an easy getaway, but knowing exactly what to pack isn’t always as simple. Alongside swimshorts, suncream and sunglasses, a refined panama is great for feeling, and looking, cool in the midday sun.

Tailored shorts and a polo shirt are ideal to go from beach to restaurant without the need for a stop-off at the hotel. Add a sandal or an espadrille, rather than a flip-flop, to help you get past the Maitre d’s dress code.



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Sampling an unknown city’s culture, restaurants, bars and shops can be an enlightening experience, but the last thing you want is to look like a tourist. Keep your outfit discerning, you can’t go wrong with a blazer, cotton knit, casual shirt and lightweight trousers

layers are key to changeable urban weather. Remember to pick up a copy of a local newspaper to get inside information on what’s happening during your stay, you might not understand the language but pictures tell a thousand words.



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For some, lounging in the sun followed by a gentle saunter through a local village just doesn’t cut the mustard and only a getaway of serious exertion to take in some breathtaking sights will do. Packing for this kind of holiday means comfort and adaptability.

A good pair of walking shoes is essential, as is a zip-through hooded top to protect against the cold and let air in if you get too warm. A sturdy backpack and trousers with plenty of pockets are ideal for carrying all of your equipment and don’t forget your compass!



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You don’t always need to get on a plane to go on holiday; Britain has beautiful landscape, incredible museums and explorable towns that are all worth a visit. As we know only too well, even in the height of summer the climate in the UK isn’t always

the best. Shorts and an umbrella, knitwear and T-shirts are all packing essentials. Keep things off-duty smart with a pair of brogues, micro-check blazer and a casual oxford shirt worn with a knitted tie to add a bit of country gent to your look.



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Whether it’s a city break, weekend in the country or far-flung tropical expedition, this season three of the key menswear trends centre on laid-back yet sharp off-duty style.

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