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Step 1: measure your room

Take the widest dimensions of the item you want to buy and check it will fit comfortably in the space you'd like to put it.

Tip: using masking tape, mark out the dimensions of the piece you’d like to buy, on the floor, to see how much space it will take up and how easily you can move around it.


step 2: Measure your home

Using the furniture’s largest dimensions, check it will fit comfortably through your doorways, hallways and up any stairs, without damaging paintwork or windows.

Some larger items arrive ready to assemble, making it easier to move them around. You can find out whether an item will arrive fully assembled or ready to assemble on the item details page.

For large wardrobes, our delivery team will require floor space approximately three times the size of the item in order to assemble it safely.

Step 3: Check the surrounding space

Make sure you allow enough space around your furniture to fully open any doors and drawers.

If you’re ordering a bed with storage drawers, you’ll need to allow at least 40cm on each side for the drawers to be pulled out.