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Sleep tight… Pillow types


Not all pillows are created alike. Your sleeping position makes a great starting point for choosing one. Depending on your slumber style, you may want to go for firm, soft or a combination.



Best if:you sleep on your side.

A firm pillow will provide height and support for your head and neck, helping to keep your spine in alignment. You can also add a softer pillow on top of your firm pillow to achieve a comfortable height.

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Best if: you sleep on your back.

A medium pillow gives gentle support to keep your head up without pushing it forward, keeping to the natural curve of your neck and spine.


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Best if: you sleep on your front.

As you sleep with your head closer to the mattress, you should look for a soft pillow that gently supports your head and neck, keeping your spine in its natural position.


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Pillow Fillings

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Man-made fillings are best for allergy/asthma sufferers and are easy to care for. Look out for the following features:

Bounce back: a light, resilient and spring-like support for great everyday use
Supremely washable: soft yet supportive with moisture-wicking properties. Washes and dries quickly
Supersoft: luxurious and silky-soft with added comfort
Anti-allergy: scientifically proven protection, stays soft and supportive wash after wash
Cool comfort: keeps you cool and balanced, with soft support that gently moulds to your head

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Feather and down pillows mould to your head, neck and shoulders to give soft, gentle support. There are many types to choose from.

Duck feather & down: a mixed feather blend for more support
European duck down: a lightweight down pillow with a soft, cushioned feel
Pyrenean goose down: the ultimate in luxury, super-light and soft
Natural wool: anti-dust mite and temperature regulating, this is a softly supportive style

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However you choose to nod off, our specialist pillows give you the perfect support. Designed with specialised shapes and fillings to provide superb comfort and excellent support no matter what position you sleep in.

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Caring for your pillow

On average, pillows last two to four years, but if your pillows are discoloured or you wake up with an aching neck, you may want to change them sooner. Feather or down fillings tend to last longer than man-made fillings, but you can help to extend the life of any pillow by plumping it daily and using a pillow protector. All M&S pillows are machine-washable, with the exception of memory foam pillows, which have removable, washable covers..

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