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Call 0333 014 8404 to place your order with one of our trained representatives, or to find out if your local store offers the service. You can also alternatively download our order form here and follow the steps to get a quote



Fabric options for made-to-measure curtains

Measuring inside the recess


Measure the full width and height of the window recess and we will make the appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit



For both the width and drop, measure the window in 3 places as shown in the image opposite, and use the smallest measurements - we will make any deductions to ensure your blind fits perfectly


Use a metal tape measure as cloth ones can give inaccurate measurements

Measuring outside the recess


If you want your blind to hang outside the recess, take the exact measurements and we will make the blind to your specified size


• Measure the exact width of the area you would like the blind to overlap


• To minimise light leakage the blind should overlap the window recess by at least 7cm at the top and 5cm each side



When choosing the overlap at the bottom of your blind, take into account obstacles such as radiators


If you are replacing an existing blind, measure it and we will make you a new one of exactly the same size

Fabric options for made-to-measure curtains


Curtain linings

Choose your fabric


We have more than 400 made-to-measure curtain fabrics to select from. Use the links below to view the options by colour and download an order form



It’s a good idea to try your chosen fabric in your room before you order, to see how it works with your colour scheme and in different lights. We offer six free swatches to help you decide. To order yours, call us on 0333 014 8404

Blue and green
fabric swatches

Download now


Neutral, browns and gold fabric swatches

Download now


Grey fabric swatches

Download now


Red, pink and purple fabric swatches

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How to order


Once you've chosen your fabric, lining and heading style, measure you window (read on to find out how), complete the order form and post it to the given address. You'll receive a phone call confirming the details with a quote, then your curtains will be ready in 10 working days.

To order swatches, call us on 0333 014 8404

Order form Download now


To order from a participating store call 0333 014 8404 to find out if your local store offers our Made to Order curtains and blinds service, then pop in to speak to one of our experts.

Your curtains will be ready in 10 working days. For a free quote, advice and to order swatches call 0333 014 8404

Order form Download now