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New craft beer


Enjoy our delicious range of British craft beers brewed for us by the finest breweries across
the UK. The perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecues and picnics

Battersea Rye

Brewed by Sean Knight in Battersea, London, with 100 per cent British ingredients, this bold spicy beer has a lovely coppery brown colour and a subtle fruit aroma.

A perfect match for… Rich and robust, this beer works with all kinds of barbecued meats.


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Island Hopper

Brewed in Windsor by Paddy Johnson this refreshing ale is made with two specially selected hops: British Sovereign and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.

A perfect match for… With its exotic fruit aroma, this pairs well with subtle Indian curries.


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Five Hop

Brewed by Hogs Back in County Tongham, Surrey, by Miles Chesterman. The name says it all, it's brewed with five different hops and matured for a month or more to let a full flavour and aroma.

A perfect match for… Superb with Thai food, or try it with classic battered fish and chips.


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British Clipper IPA

Brewed by Ciaran Giblin at the Meantime Brewing company in London. This rich, complex beer is brewed with British Fuggles and Goldings hops and has all the earthy, peppery notes of a classic IPA.

A perfect match for… The hoppy notes of this work wonderfully with Indian spices, so it’s great with curries.


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