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Our health philosophy

We believe healthy eating should be a pleasure with
every aspect being enjoyable, delcious and satisfying.
With our Eat Well range, making a healthy choice is easy


  1. Make it delicious
    Our chefs scour the world to find nutritious ingredients for our delicious and healthy recipes used across the food hall – because ‘good for you’ shouldn’t mean boring
  2. Eat more not less
    Tuck into a rainbow of colourful, tasty fruit and vegetables. Our unique and seasonal varieties make it a pleasure, not a chore to get the vitamins and minerals you need.
  3. Give yourself a boost
    Whether it’s specific vitamins or nutrients, or just a little added energy to get you through the day, we all need a little lift every now and then. Our ranges are designed to give you the boost you need to feel great.
  4. Enjoy a little of what you fancy
    Giving into temptation from time to time is only natural. We’ve got plenty to choose from so you can enjoy a treat when you fancy one.
  5. Eat well for life
    We’re here to help you eat well today for a healthy, happy tomorrow. With specific ranges for babies, children, dieters and those looking for added nutrients, M&S is with you every step of the way.

Start discovering Eat Well for yourself today to help you
balance your diet. FIND OUT MORE

Healthy spicy
chicken salad

This fiery, spicy chicken salad is an easy post-work supper that tastes delicious



Healthy mexican
beef patties

These Mexican patties are a quick and tasty mid-week meal, bursting with exotic flavour




From exotic chicken and
orange couscous salad to
comforting beef casserole, find a delicious and satisfying meal in our healthy recipes.