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From the Style & Living team


A brightly coloured acrylic drinks dispenser was made for summer parties, and will ensure your event is relaxed and fun, says Style & Living’s Becky Sunshine.

Gatherings of friends and family are what make summer special, so it’s crucial that you’re party-ready. Make your event a relaxed, help-yourself affair – fill up a large, lightweight acrylic drinks dispenser with something cold and delicious and then encourage guests to serve themselves. Be sure to have a little fun with your styling and dress your table with a selection of brightly coloured mix-and-match beakers, goblets and sundae cups, which will make everything look playful and picnic-perfect. I love to add fresh mint and fruit to soft drinks, which will ensure they not only taste wonderful but become a visual feast.
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“A large acrylic drinks dispenser means
your guests can RELAX and help
themselves – great for casual gatherings.”